26 JUNE — 3 JULY

The Sports Center Tasmajdan, a famous sports complex in Belgrade, is not just a modern facility. Nestled within the iconic Tasmajdan Park, it’s a living testament to the city’s rich history. This park, a symbol of Belgrade, is a convergence of art, tradition, history, and contemporary life, making it a unique setting for the European Aquatics Championships.

Tasmajdan hides an entire undiscovered underground city under its surface in the form of a cave that is believed to be several million years old. Tasmajdan preserves the heritage from the Roman period in which there was a quarry in this place, as well as underground facilities from the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian periods, and authentically combines spirituality in the form of the monumental Orthodox church of St. Mark, the Dusko Radović children’s theater, a favorite park for the youngest and a popular place for decades for gathering of the social elite, at the iconic restaurant Madera. In Tasmajdan, the natural arena is home to an open-air stadium that is the stage for significant summer music events.

In addition to the swimming pool, Tasmajdan has various sports facilities that allow visitors to enjoy multiple activities. The gym, running track, outdoor pool, sports fields, and fitness center make this sports complex ideal for sports and recreation lovers.

Sports Center Tasmajdan, boasting an impressive Olympic swimming pool, is widely recognized as one of the best in the region. It has consistently provided optimal conditions for hosting major national and international sports events and will ensure a high standard for the European Aquatics Championships.

The European Aquatics Championships at the Sports Center Tasmajdan will be an unforgettable event that will bring together the best swimmers of the old continent. We believe in a fantastic and exciting atmosphere both in the stands and in the pool, as well as in the motivation of the competitors to show their talent, readiness, and determination to win the best medals and achieve the best results.

We expect all sports lovers, especially swimming enthusiasts, Belgraders, and guests worldwide, to the Sports Center Tasmajdan from 29 June until 3 July 2024. We promise an experience that will be remembered and fondly recounted. Come to socialize, have fun, and cheer.