28 JUNE — 2 JULY

The Serbian Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine is a reputable institution dedicated to developing sports performance and preserving and improving athletes’ health. This state institution is renowned for its expertise and dedication to promoting clean sports, emphasizing moral principles and ethics in sports. It is a center for professional sports discussions, education, and support for healthy living.

The Serbian Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine will be the hub of activity during the European Aquatics Championships in masters diving. Its cutting-edge medical equipment and dedicated professional staff will create an ideal environment for competitors to excel, while visitors can expect a high-quality experience.

In addition to the competition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore and get familiar with the work of the Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine, with an insight into their innovative methods of research, rehabilitation, and improvement of sports performances. This experience will enable visitors to better understand the importance of sports medicine and science in achieving top sports results.

The European Masters diving competition, a unique and exclusive event, will be held from 28 June to 3 July 2024. This is a rare opportunity to combine sports passion, medical expertise, and a top sporting event in an original way. The atmosphere is expected to be electric, filled with excitement, surprises, and incredible performances. Visitors will have the opportunity to be part of a special sports event and an attractive sports story about the fact that there are no boundaries and that when it comes to masters diving, there is only the sky high enough.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of all sports, medicine, and swimming fans, especially fans of diving, to visit the Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine during this thrilling competition. Along with much fun and cheering for their favorites, they will also gain an insight into the world of sports medicine and research. We promise an exhilarating experience, a feeling of satisfaction, and a good mood long after the announcement of the best in masters diving.