Since 2012, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has been working to strengthen a beautiful, modern, educated, and healthy Serbia where it is possible to realize all your dreams and where every child and every person can believe in a progressive and prosperous future.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has paid great attention to improving sports reality by investing in all sports segments in our country. Serbia is a country of sports and champions, so strengthening sports infrastructure and constructing sports fields, swimming pools, halls, and stadiums was a priority.

Today, every child in Serbia can practice the sport they love regardless of where they live. Today, athletes who leave the nation breathless at the most important competitions are relaxed because they know that after their sports career, an assured future is waiting for them, guaranteed by the state. More than ever before is invested in coaches, sports clubs, and sports federations, and that is why the most brilliant medals from the major World and European Championships are the most numerous so far.

The Serbian team’s triumphant return from the Olympics in Tokyo, with nine medals, is a testament to our potential. We are confident that our success will only grow in Paris. In Serbia, our athletes are not just idols for the youngest generations but also national heroes who inspire children to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. All of us who love and respect sports can be proud of everything that has been done in the sports field and of the ambitious goals set by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We are confident these goals will be achieved based on its previous actions.

In previous years, Serbia hosted the most significant International Competitions and Championships:

World Championships: wrestling for men and women, handball for women, kickboxing, boxing.

European Championships: indoor athletics, water polo, karate, fencing, women’s basketball, kayaking and canoeing, futsal, aviation, sambo, kendo, boxing.

EuroLeague Final Four in basketball

Olympic qualification tournament in basketball

Water Polo World League World Cups: rowing, judo, karate, kayaking

World and European Championships in school sports (football, basketball, volleyball)

World and European Championships in younger age categories (in all sports) and many others.

By hosting the European Aquatics Championships, Belgrade and Serbia take center stage in the sports world again, marking a significant point on today’s sports map.

EXPO 2027

In 2027, Belgrade, a city steeped in history and culture, will take center stage as the host of the prestigious EXPO exhibition. This global event will elevate Serbia to the world capital of education, culture, and innovation. The specialized exhibition, titled “Let’s Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All”, will draw representatives from dozens of countries to Belgrade. They will showcase the most significant artistic, technological, cultural, and social achievements of their nations. The event will also welcome numerous guests from all continents, all eager for innovation and fresh perspectives on our world.

Belgrade’s victory at the General Assembly of the International Bureau des Exposition (BIE) in Paris was a testament to our city’s readiness to host the EXPO exhibition. We triumphed over formidable competitors such as Malaga in Spain, Minnesota in America, Phuket in Thailand, and Bariloche in Argentina. Since then, we have been diligently preparing to deliver an event that will match the high standards set by the last EXPO in Dubai 2021.

The honor bestowed upon Serbia as the host of this grandiose and significant exhibition is a testament to our country’s capacity in people, institutions, and infrastructure. We are fully equipped to host numerous foreign delegations, ensuring their stay is comfortable and memorable. This event will not only be a milestone in our history but also a model for all future manifestations, showcasing Serbia’s potential as a global event host.

In the next three years, Belgrade will become the largest construction site in this part of Europe. A complex of 250 h is being built on a large scale; in addition to the fairgrounds, the National Stadium with 52,000 seats, residential complexes, an aquatics center, and 1,500 new apartments will be built. The total area of ​​the exhibition facilities is 230,000 m2.

Visitors to the EXPO2027 exhibition will have the opportunity to get to know Belgrade and Serbia in countless ways, from tradition and culture to contemporary lifestyle, history, and heritage to plans for the future of the 21st century. Every segment of a modern man’s life, from food for the body and food for the soul to professions and jobs, will still be profiled.

We believe that in Belgrade, just like in London, where the first such exhibition was held back in 1851, or Paris in 1860, the main theme will be the technological progress of the world of our time, but also important issues of globalization with an emphasis on understanding and connecting people and economies, peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all nations, religions, and races for the benefit of all humanity and the future of our common home, planet Earth.


The European Aquatics Masters Championships gathers athletes over 25 or 30, depending on national and international rules. This age group of water sports enthusiasts is highly dedicated and motivated in various disciplines such as swimming, diving, artistic swimming, open-water swimming, and water polo.

The multidisciplinary water sports competition is held every second year under the auspices of the European Aquatics (LEN). This year, from 26 June to 6 July, the host city of Belgrade has the opportunity to beat the numbers from the last Masters in Rome and host more than 5,000 athletes from almost 40 European countries at five different locations. During the competition days, over 300 events are planned in five water sports disciplines.

Competitors are divided into different age categories to ensure fair competition among participants of similar ages. The Aquatics Masters Championships is also an excellent opportunity for athletes to travel, meet new places and people, and gain valuable experience on the international sports scene.

The Masters Championships allows contestants older than the usual competitive age to measure their strength and skill by competing with rivals but also with their limits and records. The attractiveness of this manifestation is reflected in the fact that sport is love, challenge, and commitment. Regardless of age and whether the contestants had a successful sports past or discovered their passion later in life, their dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice inspire and excite. That is why the interest in the Masters Championships is great, and the audience is always numerous, enthusiastic, and noisy.

We believe that new records will be set at the European Aquatics Masters Championships in Belgrade, that competitors in water sports will be even faster, more skillful, and more successful, and that many dreams of the most brilliant awards will come true. We are sure the audience will enjoy it and that the athletes will socialize and exchange the most beautiful pictures and memories from Belgrade after the water fights.