26 JUNE — 3 JULY

The Sports Center 11. April in New Belgrade, best known for its impressive Olympic swimming pool, is a modern, elegant, functionally designed sports complex that provides top-quality sports content.

In addition to the swimming pool, SC 11. April offers various opportunities for practicing sports, both for professional and recreational athletes. Six outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a fitness center, a sauna, a gym, and a wellness area are just some of the facilities that make this complex the perfect place for lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Such an exceptional sports environment, which combines top infrastructure with aesthetic design and practicality, provides ideal conditions for holding significant sports events. During the summer, outdoor swimming pools are the sites of concerts, parties, and other sports and cultural events.

Surrounded by greenery and close to the Sava River, SC 11. April offers a unique combination of urban and natural surroundings. Visitors can enjoy top-quality masters water polo, rest, and relax in this modern, sophisticated sports complex.

European Aquatics Championships, in the Masters water polo discipline, from 26 June until 3 July 2024 at the pool on SC 11. April will bring together the best masters water polo players of the European continent and provide an unforgettable sports experience for the competitors and the audience.

Serbia is a country of sports and athletes, and water polo and its players are especially respected and loved. Serbia has been five times Olympic champions, five times World champions, and even eight times the best national team in Europe. It has been participating in the biggest European competitions since 1927.

Water polo players have always been considered the most handsome young men. The most important thing is that after every important competition, they became even bigger and more important idols for generations of young people who dream of great sports success and choose sport as a lifestyle.

We expect an atmosphere full of excitement and fair play, both in the pool and in the crowded stands in the Sports Center 11 April.

Everyone who visits the European Aquatics Masters Championships in water polo will undoubtedly take away strong impressions from the unique sports spectacle because the energy and passion with which masters water polo players approach each fight are inspiring and contagious.