European Aquatics partners with Interticket to launch new App to engage fans, enhance the event experience and build communities

Published On: June 6, 2024

European Aquatics is delighted to launch a new App, which has been created and executed with the support of specialist company Interticket.

European Aquatics President Antonio Silva said:

 “It was a pleasure for me, on behalf of European Aquatics,  to be in Budapest sign this agreement with Interticket as I know that they are a very experienced and creative partner. As part of the ongoing Strategic Plan we are keen to ensure that we are able to use technology in a way that resonates with younger and new audiences. While we are delighted to have the App ready for Belgrade 2024, this is just the start of the journey, with more features being introduced depending on the feedback we get from users.”

Interticket CEO Ervin Jobbagy stated:

“This partnership with European Aquatics is an exciting opportunity to revolutionize the fan experience.  We are honored to participate in this digital transformation journey.  Our user-friendly platform enhances connectivity and interaction among fans, making events more engaging and memorable.  We look forward to bringing fans closer to the action and creating a dynamic ecosystem that enhances every aspect of the fan journey.”

The new App will allow users to access schedules, results, news and features from Belgrade 2024 and engage fans with an enhanced event experience. The App can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google Stores, and via this QR code, is another milestone in the ongoing digital transformation of European Aquatics. Once downloaded, please register to receive access to additional content, games and fun features.

European Aquatics and Interticket will work closely together to use the App to develop a new Fan Engagement and ticket ecosystem to prioritise:

Fan Experience Enhancement: Design and implement initiatives to improve the overall fan experience at events, ensuring memorable and positive interactions.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community among fans through regular interaction, exclusive content, and special events.

Interticket is the largest ticket and digital event company in Hungary, and part of a global network with 25 plus years of providing digital solutions. Interticket has sold 100 million tickets worldwide and works with 1000 partners.