European Aquatics Bureau meets in Belgrade

Published On: June 21, 2024

Treasurer report and new commissions approved with updates given on progress of 2024 Strategic Action Plan, ASR and Academy

The Bureau of European Aquatics met this morning in Belgrade, on the occasion of the European Aquatics Championships, where President Antonio Silva hailed “an extraordinary effort by the local organising team to put on a highly successful event.”

General Secretary Noam Zwi chaired the meeting, which covered a number of key topics.
President Silva provided a detailed update on the 2024 Action Plan (Q1 activities and Q2 plans), as well as on the new Aquatics Social Responsibility structure and function. Bureau agreed with a proposal for European Aquatics to support the “Sports for Nature Framework” as well as to proceed with next steps of creation of the European Aquatics Academy (structure, functions and road map) as well as focusing on ensuring alignment of national federations with the Academy’s coaches’ certification project (recognition of prior awards and education) by the end of 2024.

Treasurer Andida Bouma updated the Bureau with a financial report and a new policy and procedure for travel and per-diems, which was approved.

President of European Aquatics, Antonio Silva

An update report from the independent European Aquatics Integrity Unit (Integrity Council + Adjudicatory Body) was presented by the General Secretary and Bureau noted the EAIU Conflict of interest and Integrity statements.

Bureau accepted a proposal to nominate two new members of the Technical Open Water Committee and also approved the proposed list of Technical Water Polo Committee. A report on Water Polo was presented by Vice President Kyriakos Giannopoulos, including the composition of the delegates and referees commission as well as a new adhoc water polo clubs commission. Full details of all these groups will be communicated shortly.

Aquatics Sport Director Apostolos Tsagkaris presented a positive summary of Belgrade 2024 from a sport perspective and shared information regarding the upcoming events of the 2024 European Aquatics season and confirmed that all dates have been fixed for the 2025 season, with host announcements expected soon.

Communications Director Nick Davies provided an update of the strategy and performance of media, PR and digital since 2022 as well as plans for the rest of 2024.

Bureau Member Sarah Keane presented an update on the activities of the Diversity, Equaliity and Inclusion commission, and shared plans for a workshop to take place on the occasion of the next European Aquatics General Assembly. This will take place in Belfast in Belfast on 27 September with the next in-person Bureau meeting also taking place on 26 and 27 September.