Belgrade 2024: Lotti Hubert looks to senior debut two years after World Junior success

Published On: June 14, 2024

Credit to:  European Aquatics

The European Aquatics Championships Belgrade 2024 will be the first senior European competition for many athletes looking to make their breakthrough on the international stage.

Among them is German diver Lotti Hubert, who won the Women’s 1m Springboard as well as silver in the Mixed Team Event at the 2022 World Junior Championships in Montreal aged 18.

Since winning the global junior title a little under two years ago, Hubert has struggled with the transition to the senior team, appearing at smaller-scale competitions and continuing her training through a number of setbacks.

Hubert spoke to European Aquatics about her focus in Belgrade and the transition from junior to senior competition.

“I’m trying to focus on the things I’m good at,” said Hubert. “I’m also trying to stay calm and to enjoy my first Europeans. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself and so I just want to enjoy the competition and learn from the others.

“The transition has been hard for me. I’ve had two hard years which have included lots of injuries and mental health problems, but I’m hoping to be back in the game and I’m trying to show everyone what I can do in Belgrade this summer.”

She added: “I’m just trying to focus on improving my dives and then I hope everything will turn out as good as it has recently.

“We will then see how everything goes – I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself as I know that I don’t deal too well with it, so I’m trying to stay calm, enjoy the here and now, but we will see what the future holds.”

Credit to: European Aquatics

Her performances at the recent German Championships ensured her place in the Serbian capital, where she will be competing in the Women’s 1m Springboard and 3m Springboard.

“After the competition we had a reset”, said Hubert. “We began working on our basics again and right now we are focusing on the dives we want to compete in and to fulfil.

“So, it’s all about the entries and the technique, which will help me make a good dive out of it overall.”

As well as the two individual events, the 19-year-old is also competing in the Women’s 3m Synchro event, alongside partner Jana Lisa Rother.

She gave some insight into how that pairing came about, and how she’s adapting to a new partner.

“Usually I dive with Johanna Krauss, but due to certain circumstances I had to try and find a new partner,” she said.

“It was then clear that Jana Lisa Rother was also competing in the 3m and the 1m events for the German national team, so we are giving it a go.”

Credit to: European Aquatics

Hubert’s success in Canada two years ago followed gold in the 3m Springboard at the European Juniors.

She recalls the mixed emotions at the time, saying: “I think about the 2022 World Juniors in Canada a lot as it was an amazing experience.

“I didn’t expect it, but also it was a really hard time because my best friend and synchro partner, Johanna Krauss, injured herself before the events.

“After that, all of my thoughts were more with her and not really in the competition, as I didn’t know how she was doing.

“It took a lot of strength to get through that.”

Credit to: European Aquatics

The German national team always deliver big performances at the European Championships and took third place in the diving performance table last time out in Rome.

Hubert shed some light on the atmosphere amongst the team as they prepare to head to the Serbian capital.

“Most of my group had qualification themselves for Europeans, so we’re trying to push each other to our limits to achieve the best out of our performance,” she said. “It’s also nice, as we’re trying to hype each other up for the summer as well.

“One of the biggest lessons I’ll be taking with me to Belgrade is that hard times always pay off.

“Every time I’ve struggled with my diving or when I’ve thought to myself ‘why do I do this anymore?’ I always think that I have to go through this in order to be successful.”

Hubert also revealed her plans for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

“After Europeans I will leave Germany, as I have recently graduated, and will start studying and competing at Arkansas State University in the USA”, she said.

“I will still compete in every German Nationals, and I will also keep trying to make international competitions with the German team, but I hope that this move will further help my career.”

The diving programme runs from 17-23 June.

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