Belgrade 2024 – THE BEST SO FAR!

Published On: June 26, 2024

Credit to:  European Aquatics

One of the most exciting and certainly the best European Aquatics Championships has ended. Belgrade served as an exceptional host. Numerous athletes extended their stay following the competition, with many expressing their intention to promptly revisit the city of sports, culture, friendly inhabitants, and picturesque surroundings ideal for making lasting memories.

The organizers did an exceptional job by creating perfect conditions for training and competition, thus setting a new level in initiating and realizing the best conditions for every participant in the competition. This engagement contributed to the satisfaction and motivation of the competitors in aquatic sports to give their best, break many records, set new goals, and write a new swimming history in Belgrade.

Here are some exciting results and facts from the last European Aquatics Championships Belgrade 2024.


Credit to: European Aquatics

The Hungarian national team once again proved that it is a swimming superpower, taking the throne with 12 gold medals, nine silver medals, and eight bronze medals. Belgrade was the stage for their best performance ever!

The Greek national team shone with six gold, ten silver, and four bronze medals.

The German national team is the only one that managed to win medals in each of the four disciplines.

As many as 28 national teams made it to the podium!

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, and Finland took home one medal each.

In Belgrade, another record was set for the number of national teams that won at least one title at the European Aquatics Championships.

19 countries bowed to the audience from the podium (at the previous competition in Rome, that number was 16)

Camila Rebelo swam the historic 200m backstroke, bringing Portugal its first title at the European Aquatics Championships!

Alaa Maso was the first swimmer to represent the European Aquatics Refugee Team, competing in the 50, 100, and 200m freestyle.

Anastasia Gorbenko from Israel won four medals, and all four were gold!

Hubert Kos from Hungary took home two gold, two silver, and one bronze medals!


Credit to: European Aquatics

In the DIVING discipline, eleven nations won at least one medal!

Great Britain is the absolute winner in this discipline with four gold medals and three bronze, Spain is next with three gold and three silver, and France is third overall with two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals.

The Ukrainian national team won the Team Trophy with 179 points, ahead of Great Britain, which placed second with 156 points, and Spain, which collected 154 points.

Desharne Bent-Ashmeil from Great Britain won three titles in diving from a 3m Springboard in solo, synchronized, and mixed performances!

Clare Cryan achieved a historic success for Ireland by winning a bronze medal in diving from a 3m Springboard. This is Ireland’s first European diving medal.


Credit to: European Aquatics

OPEN WATER brought the Italian team three gold, four silver, and two bronze medals, defining them as absolute champions in this discipline!

Gregorio Paltrinieri (10km), Dario Verani (25km), and Barbara Pozzobon (25km) swam for gold medals.

Germany won two gold medals thanks to the swimming of Leonie Bleck – double gold in 5 and 10km.

As third in the Hungarian relay, David Bethlehem won the first senior title at 5km.

Italy confidently took home the Team Trophy with 214 points, leaving behind the national team of Germany (161 points) and the national team of Hungary (159 points).


Credit to: European Aquatics

ARTISTIC SWIMMING has won the most gold medals so far. The Spanish won four, and together with the British and Italians, the total was seven golds!

The Belgrade competition was memorable for the Greeks because they won a medal at the European Aquatics Championships in the Team Free for the first time in history.

The German team won gold in Acrobatic Artistic Swimming.

After 47 years, the Netherlands won the gold medal in the duet performance!

Great Britain has gold after 37 years thanks to Ranjuo Tomblin, who performed solo in men’s artistic swimming!

When summarizing the impressions of the just-concluded European Aquatics Championships Belgrade 2024, the dominant impression of both competitors and coaches, guests, audience, volunteers, organizers, and all those who love aquatic sports and who supported and followed this most important sporting event in the world of aquatics is that everyone repeated this all! This is the biggest compliment we can get. THANK YOU!

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